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From Keira Knightley to , check out these STUNNING snaps from :


When prepping for the lead role in the film, Cumberbatch spoke to one of Alan Turig’s nieces to learn more about his character. “She said that he was an exceptional person to be around as a child,” Cumberbatch says. “He did fun tricks to make them laugh, like playing chess with his back turned to the board.”




Archie is very like John, isn’t he? He’s thrilled by Sherlock’s work, and he’s also the conductor of light whose contribution to Sherlock’s deductions lets Sherlock see the connection of the Mayfly Man to the Bloody Guardsman.

This moment is lovely. I love how much John loves it.

Hey, that’s interesting observation! I’ve seen some comparisons of Archie with Sherlock himself, like Archie being Sherlock’s inner child (I’m paraphrasing). But hadn’t seen any where Archie parallels John. Cool!

I think Archie’s reflecting John is much stronger than his reflecting Sherlock, personally. And seriously, if one of them needs to get in touch with his inner child, it’s John, whose adult constructions of who he is interfere with the true expression of his feelings. Sherlock’s process in this episode is, very positively, growing up and not being childish. If this episode is Sherlock realising what his feelings are, and the germination of a more adult kind of love that is self-sacrificing rather than demanding, then Archie as a parallel for John feels much more resonant to me.

(Source: his-only-pressurepoint)


this is for thankyoubbcsherlock!

this is a selection of drawings I’ve done, from most recent to oldest, since I started drawing again a little over a year ago. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to the creators, actors, and everyone associated with Sherlock (not to mention all the wonderful artists in the fandom on tumblr) for the inspiration to pick up art supplies and make art again, after not doing it for so long. I really, really needed it. I am not very eloquent, but you make a fantastic show that inspires creativity, hope, and expression in others and makes an important difference in people’s lives. Not only that, but you make it with so much beauty, quality, and attention to detail. Never forget how important and worthwhile your work is. All your awards (and the ones no doubt to come) are well deserved. Thank you again for making such a thing of beauty.

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